Teeth Whitening

Are you not satisfied with the colour of your teeth? Are you dreaming of a white smile? By whitening your teeth, the colour of your teeth will change within a short time period. You now no longer have a yellowish smile, but shining white teeth you can be proud of!


De mogelijke oorzaken van verkleuring

The one has white and shiny teeth by nature whereas the other has yellowish teeth. No set of teeth has the same colour and this is because the colour of your teeth is actually determined by several factors.

All teeth and molars consist out of dentine and enamel. The colour and thickness of the dentine are hereditary which means it directly influences how your teeth look. On top of that, canines always have thicker dentine. This is why canines are often more yellow than the rest of your teeth.

Certain foods- and substances can also cause your teeth and molars to discolour. These are, among others, coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit juice, red wine, beets, tomato sauce, coloured sweets, citrus fruits and, of course, cigarettes. Do you consume a lot of the foods and substances above? Then this can have a negative influence on the colour of your teeth.

How teeth whitening works

Prior to the whitening procedure, the dentist will check your teeth for any abnormalities. The reason for this is that whitening your teeth could potentially worsen any problems you might have but we are unaware of. In case we find something during the check-up we will first have to treat it, before your teeth can be whitened.

If your teeth are in good shape and ready for the whitening process, we first make an mould of the teeth. This mould will serve as a model for a custom-made gum shield. Whilst this is being made we discuss what shade of white you want to have and give you more information on the remainder of the process. It is important to note however that the results of teeth whitening are heavily dependent on your eating habits and lifestyle.

At home you will then use the custom-made gum shield in combination with a whitening gel and let it sit for two hours. This will give your teeth plenty of time to reach the desired colour.

The result of whitening teeth

After the whitening treatment you teeth will be several shades whiter. However, as time goes by your teeth will decolourise again. You can imagine that whitening your teeth is a process. By brushing your teeth twice a day and using toothpicks, you can slow down the decolourisation. In addition we advise you to be careful with foods and substances which could cause your teeth to lose their white shade.

Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening

At our dental practice we get many questions on teeth whitening. The following three questions are the ones we got most frequent.

Is whitening your teeth at home considered safe?

When you have a whitening treatment at our dental practice then you are, in fact, whitening your own teeth. This is because we give you a mould of your teeth in the form of a gum-shield to take home with you and use it to whiten your teeth. And although this treatment is 100% safe, we do advise you to be careful with buying your own whitening gels as these could potentially harm your teeth.

The whitening gel we supply you with has a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide and meets all demands set by the European Union. Unfortunately there are also companies who sell whitening gels with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide which could potentially damage your teeth. This is why we always advise our patients to consult a dentist before whitening their teeth.

Can everyone have their teeth whitened?

Yes, everyone older than 18 can have their teeth whitened, even when you used to wear braces. Do however keep in mind that fillings won’t be affected much by whitening, meaning this result will differ per individual based on their previous dental treatments.

Is whitening your teeth painful?

In 99% of the cases whitening your teeth is completely painless. However, your teeth can be slightly more sensitive after having them whitened. This is why we advise our patients to refrain from drinking hot or cold beverages for 24 hours after having their teeth whitened.


Any questions? We are here for you.

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