What is Airsmile?

The Airsmile is a removable and transparent braces with custom-made aligners. These aligners, or covers, will be replaced every two weeks and are especially made for the shape of your teeth to achieve the results you want. After your Airsmile treatment, you will never again be unhappy about the state of your teeth, but instead enjoy how straight they are.


The advantages of Airsmile

When you choose to improve the state of your teeth by using Airsmile, you will be profiting from several advantages. Firstly, custom braces. A custom braces does not only feel better than a standard braces, but it also improves the position of your teeth in all the right places. This is what makes the Airsmile so very effective.

Another advantage of the Airsmile braces is the fact that it is removable. This does not only make eating and drinking very easy, it also allows you to keep your teeth clean and well cared for. People who have standard braces have to put in a lot of effort to keep their teeth clean because they have to work around their braces. But not you. Whenever you feel like brushing, flushing or cleaning your teeth some other way, you can simply remove the Airsmile braces from your mouth and start cleaning.

Aside from that, because the aligners are custom-made they will not cause you any discomfort. Whereas with traditional braces there is chance it might not fit perfectly and cause you pain. Lastly it’s important to note that the Airsmile braces are in fact transparent and thus nearly invisible. You will be aware of wearing a braces but other people might not even notice this at all. This means that you can easily incorporate the Airsmile braces into your day-to-day life without anyone else noticing.

The Airsmile treatment

Are you considering opting for a transparent braces? Then it’s probably good to know how the Airsmile treatment exactly works. That’s why we have compiled a list of steps which you will have to take when you get Airsmile braces. This should give you a better idea of what the Airsmile treatment entails.

Step 1: The first consult

During the first consult the exact procedure will be explained to you. In addition to that, the dentist will also check to see if the Airsmile braces will in fact help your teeth.

Step 2: Drafting a treatment plan

During the second consult at our dental practice we will draft a personal treatment plan. We will also take prints and photos of your teeth and we digitalize your teeth using a print system.

We will then use this digital image to visualize the desired state of your teeth. What makes this step especially useful to you as a patient, is that you will be able to see, by means of an animation, how your teeth will develop and shift overtime thanks to the Airsmile. We will even be able to show you the end result in the animation.

Step 3: Making the custom aligners

When all questions have been answered and the treatment plan is clear we start making your custom aligners for your Airsmile braces. You will switch aligners every two weeks.

Step 4: Wearing the aligners

The aligners have to be worn day and night. Only when eating or brushing your teeth can you remove the aligners from your mouth. During this time you will have to visit our dental practice frequently. We will check to see if the desired results have been met and, if necessary, adjust the treatment plan. If we need to adjust the treatment plan to meet the desired results we will not charge you any additional costs.

Step 5: Completion

When your Airsmile treatment is done you will be given a retainer to ensure that your teeth stay in the right position (do not shift). We strongly advise you to constantly wear the retainer in the first phase after the Airsmile treatment. This will eventually become a retainer you will only have to wear at night.

The costs of an Airsmile treatment

The costs of the Airsmile treatment are highly dependent on the desired correction. For example, if you only want to adjust your upper jaw then the cost will be considerably lower than when you want to adjust both upper- and lower jaw using the Airsmile.

Would you like more information on this treatment? Then make an appointment for an initial interview at our dental practice. During this interview we can determine what has to be done and what costs are associated with the treatment.


Interested? Make an appointment

Are you interested in our Airsmile treatment? Then we are more than happy to welcome you at our dental practice to provide you with all the necessary information about this highly effective treatment. Make an appointment and you might be able to start your Airsmile treatment briefly.