PHP dentists is a dental care team which consists out of dentists, oral hygienists and prevention assistants. We also have a dentist who is specialized in transparent braces.  Due to the fact that we don’t have a long waiting list we will always be able to help you on short notice. 


At PHP dentists we only work with the newest dental methods and only use materials with a proven scientific foundation. We strongly believe in dental care which always puts you, the patient, at the centre of attention. In order to provide you with the best possible care, our staff often has vocational training in the use of the newest treatments and techniques. By doing so we can use this knowledge to give you the best possible dental care.

Our goal

Our goal is to offer you a professional , positive and safe dental care experience. We always try to help patients with acute issues on the day itself. The sooner you contact us for an appointment, the higher the chance we can help you that same day. PHP dentists will alter their opening times, during the week or weekends, in case emergency conditions apply.

Our team


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